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2013 Nemo Festival at Le Cube

Arcadi's digital art event

From Tuesday 26 November 13
To Saturday 07 December 13
Audience: All public

For several years, Le Cube has partnered the Nemo digital festival which introduces people to brand new artistic forms. On the programme this year: two special USA evenings with Adult (a group from Detroit), Holly Herndon (from San Francisco), and the 100% immersive interactive installation by Balthazar Auxietre, ‘Le 5e sommeil’ (the 5th sleep).

Thursday 28 November, 8.30pm:

Adult is an electro-rock duo from Detroit who are also both experimental film makers and musicians. Formidable performers, Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller have brought success to labels like Thrill Jockey and Ghostly International as well as to prestigious contemporary art venues. This is a great chance to discover these superb stage performers, with their new, exceptional fifth album The Way Things Are, their films, their music videos and an audiovisual project specially created for Nemo 2013!


From Tuesday 26 to Saturday 30 November, 12-7pm:

A one-armed bandit, which looks like the maneki-neko (Japanese lucky cat), transforms into a formidable percussion instrument with which the viewer can scrub dancers and more. In short, by pulling the cat's arm, scratching the vinyl record it has in its paws and choosing options like on a slot machine, the ‘viewer/interactor’ plays visual and musical clusters like on a beat box. This installation, which is both a technological feat and a fun, addictive interactive experience, must be seen to be believed - and of course played with and used to create! With the help of the Arcadi production team.


Friday 29 November, 8.30pm:

The breakthrough act of Nemo 2013, the incredible Holly Herndon from San Francisco has been labelled by some as being the future of electro music. She will be presenting an audiovisual show with her own particular brand of vocal excellence, her samplers and her vocoder which infinitely extends her voice. Nemo also presents Wingbeats: 7 young musicians who are 10 years old, from the 11th arrondissement's Conservatory's contemporary music workshop in Paris, will perform live the music of a short film, Wingbeats by Thomas Newton.


From Tuesday 3 to Saturday 7 December, 12-7pm:

Le 5e Sommeil (the 5th sleep) is a narrative, immersive experience which is a cross between a video game and a film. In this metaphysical sci-fi thriller, the viewer is emotionally involved. Their interactions and decisions have a direct impact on the story's course, particularly when the viewer must make a crucial choice about the fate of the character they are embodying. Produced by: Acnot; co-produced by: Pictanovo, Le Fresnoy, Le Cube / With support from the Arcadi production team.


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