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"14 Abeille" Emmanuelle Favier et Anne Pépin - Théâtre Pollen

Multimedia play

The play 14Abeille is based on a contemporary tragedy that is little-known in France: the killing of 14 students by a young man proclaiming his hatred of feminists at Montreal’s École polytechnique on 6 December 1989. The play is structured around four interwoven narratives: a journalist’s commentary giving a chronology of events; the story told in flash-back by two young women who experienced the shooting; a mock-educational documentary on bees; and, finally, the words of 14 women drawn from mythology and history, whose narrative raises questions relating to power and traditional gender roles. The technical component of this project is mainly brought into play when the mythological characters come together on stage, with their images projected onto the bodies of the actors.

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