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Carol Ann Braun


Birth Year 1955
Country USA

Carol-Ann Braun is a painter and a multimedia author.   
In the 1980s, she started to digitalise traditional pictorial works and to animate poetic texts via various media: the Gravity Wavesen installations in 1983 at Cornell University; the Un Conte à Votre Façon CDROM (1995) in association with Antoine Denise for Machines à Ecrire; the Irreversibility booklets, based on works by the poet Blake Leland; Sonnet Sequence, 1985, and Move Don’t Move, 2006, two “behavioural” pieces, enhanced by artificial intelligence. She has also developed online systems with a social and cultural purpose, the most recent of which being:  www.tour-a-tour.org.
Her research focuses on chat rooms that react autonomously to discussions taking place (enhanced chat).
She teaches at many institutes and universities in France and abroad.

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