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Cartes blanches

Three cartes blanches will be given to artists and designers for permanently transforming the interior of Le Cube into ‘intelligent environments’

From Saturday 01 October 11
To Monday 01 October 12
Fee: free entry
Audience: All public


Jean-Louis Fréchin and Uros Petrevski have taken over the Project Area at Le Cube with FabWall, intelligent wallpaper which combines average, day-to-day decors with the ghosts, memories and histories of our homes. The images stored on the walls of Le Cube come to life on our telephone screens. Visitors are invited to “feed” their own stories into this wallpaper using multimedia content. FabWall is the result of strategic reflection on the changes in the design, manufacturing and distribution of wallpaper in a time of augmented reality. FabWall won the WallPaperLab 2010 award from the Musée des Arts Décoratifs.

You can also explore the WaNoMirror, a mirror connected to the internet which displays your friends' thoughts and other subjects that interest you. WaNoMirror foreshadows the internet of day-to-day objects, a constellation of networked objects and uses, blending the real and the physical. Send a Twitter message to the mirror by using the #wanomirror hashtag.

Jean-Louis Fréchin, the founder of NoDesign (a digital design company), is a French-qualified architect and a graduate of ENSCI (School of Industrial Design). He is a renowned pioneer in new forms of design and in his work he strives to create an inseparable link between content, interactive design and technology. With his arrival at ENSCI/Les Ateliers, Uros Petrevski (the “Designer Hacker”) changed Fréchin’s view of the roles and the contours that are possible in industrial design. Capable of transforming algorithms into objects of emotion and culture, Uros Petrevski is now an Associate Designer at NoDesign.


The artist Sandrine Estrade-Boulet finds inspiration in the “poetic street”. She is strongly influenced by the urban environment which surrounds her and uses seemingly insignificant photographs to transform daily life into ironic illustrations full of meaning and magic. The poetic universe of Sandrine Estrade-Boulet joyfully re-enchants every nook and cranny of Le Cube.

Sandrine Estrade-Boulet has developed a sensitive, playful, positive and uninhibited way of working. She invents spontaneous images which bring well-being, smiles and a sense of rediscovery of daily life to all those who see them. She creates a type of visual alphabet book of our times which re-humanises our environment and pushes the limits of reality.


Camille Scherrer has set up her delicate universe in the Le Cube Resource Centre and has given us invisible landscapes which use augmented reality to come alive and reveal themselves before the eyes of the viewer. She also presents her interactive book Le Monde des Montagnes (The World of Mountains) which allows visitors to discover, in real time, what is hidden in the pages of an ordinary book...as if by magic.

Camille Scherrer is a Swiss designer. Always looking for new fields to investigate, she enjoys playing with the intersection between technology and art. She has created her own universe inspired by animals, old postcards and the mountains where she grew up.

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