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Catherine Langlade


Birth Year 1971
Country France

After training as a classical and contemporary dancer (with C. Carlson, C. Gérard and S. Sugihara, to name but a few), Catherine Langlade went on to train at the CNDC (National centre for contemporary dance) in Angers with Alwin Nikolaïs.
Alongside being a performer (with Beau-Geste and Découfflé), she co-founded the Lolita Danse group in 1982, and in 1990 started her own company, Spid’eka, which explores the relationship between the dancer’s body and projected images. A first choreography in 1990 - Le ninas et le papillon – incorporated a treated video capture of the dancer, which was simultaneously broadcast on a screen. This image/dancer partnership has since then been a recurrent theme in her creations, which increasingly involve digital technology.

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