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Constance Félix


Constance Félix is an actor/storyteller. She discovered storytelling through writing and has, since then, explored it in full: storytelling ballads, shows and visits, as well as educational and musical tales. She performs in a variety of venues, including museums, parks and public gardens, schools, the Internet, theatres, restaurants, cafés, fairs, private homes, hospitals and spaces dedicated to multimedia.
She was awarded second prize in the tale-writing competition organised by the CLIO (Centre for oral literature) in 2003 for Le Bonhomme Printemps. In 2007 she took part in the same competition with Mademoiselle de la Chapelle. Un oeuf à remonter le temps is published on the “conteur.com” website.
She has created a website, www.1001contes.com, where visitors can read and listen to the tales she writes. A new story is posted each week. She draws inspiration from a variety of themes, including chocolate, witches, waste sorting and recycling, renewable energies, contemporary art, nature, music and places. This stems from her belief that any aspect of life can be translated into a tale. The website has received wide support from the media, namely l'Express, Famili, La Dépêche, Var matin, Paris Normandie, Francophony, BFM, Radio d'Aligre, Radio Bleue and le Courrier de l'Ouest.

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