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Judith Depaule


Judith Depaule wrote her performing-arts thesis on “Theatre in Stalin’s camps” (Paris III University). From 1990 to 1996, she worked with the Sentimental Bourreau collective (musical theatre: Strip et boniments, les carabiniers, La grande charge hystérique, Va-t’en chercher le bonheur et ne reviens pas les mains vides). She has assisted Robert Cantarella and Oleg Matveev and acted with directors Pascal Rambert, Jacques Vincey, Eva Doumbia and Arnold Pasquier.

She set up the Mabel Octobre group, with which she created: Desesperanto (interactive multimedia show, 2002), Matériau Goulag (2003), Qui ne travaille pas ne mange pas (2004), Ce que j’ai vu et appris au Goulag based on conversations with Jacques Rossi (2005), La Folie de Janus by Sylvie Dyclo-Pomos (2006), Qui a tué Ibrahim Akef? (2007), Voyage cosmique, a film/concert performance, film by Vassili Jouravliev and music by Laurent Dailleau (2007), Corps de femme - le marteau (2008), Même pas morte (2009).
She translates Russian and has worked for Yves Beaunesne, Bernard Sobel, Alain Fourneau and Ivan Viripaev. With the Alternateurs Volants, she devised the exhibition/show Illuminations. She runs workshops for prisoners at the Santé prison (Hamlet, 2003; Arturo Ui, 2004) and for newly arrived immigrants (Identité(s), 2006). Judith Depaule has been awarded the Extramural Villa Medici Prize.

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