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La Kitchen


Thierry Coduys worked for several years as a musical assistant at IRCAM (Centre for musical research) and as a freelance worker, in close collaboration with composers such as Steve Reich, Marc-André Dalbavie and Michael Levinas. From 1997 to 2000, he worked as an assistant for Italian composer Luciano Berio. He has created various interactive audio pieces, intended to be played by small groups in an electronic configuration. Founder and manager of La Kitchen (which no longer exists), he now carries out multidisciplinary projects which deal with interactivity and are devised around tools such as motion capture and real-time systems.
Damien Henry is an acoustics engineer and makes electronic music. For performances and installations, he designs generative and real-time systems that use the Internet, time-measure and various capture systems…
The composer Wilfried Wendling studied electronic music in various academies and by collaborating on several of La Kitchen’s projects. He has directed various musical and theatrical performances (at the Odéon and Amandiers theatres for example) and also composes stage soundtracks.

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