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Optical Sound and other Tales / Pierre Beloüin and guests

Photographic studies in music and video

From Thursday 26 January 12
To Saturday 28 July 12
Audience: All public

The new Le Cube exhibition leads you on a discovery of Pierre Beloüin's work through his multimedia installation Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~. A founding member of the Glassbox Gallery which has specialised in web art since 1997, Pierre Beloüin now works with the Optical Sound label, of which he is the founder and director. Consequently, the exhibition is complemented by artists' videos produced or distributed by the label.

Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ by Pierre Beloüin

"Awan/Siguawini/Spemki" means "air/in spring/paradise" in Abenaki, the language of a Native American tribe in New England. Photographs of landscapes are accompanied by "musical landscapes" recorded by the artist at each location photographed. Homes, forests, lakes, and factories are common denominators for his photo shots and sound recordings. He sent the recordings along with the corresponding images to French visual music artists: Norscq, Christophe Demarthe, Yann Jaffiol, Nicolas Germain, Sébastien Roux, Rainier Lericolais, Black Sifichi, Eddie Ladoire, Servovalve and Wild Shores. From the audio samples, these artists created their own free interpretations, taking inspiration from the corresponding photo.

This installation was created during the ninth artists’ residence of the "Residencies Exchange: Alsace, France/Lac-Saint-Jean, Quebec" programme run by the Alsace Cultural Agency/FRAC Alsace and Language.

Optical Sound

Optical Sound was created in 1997 by Pierre Beloüin. The label's aim is to produce and publish visual artists with an interest in sound or musicians with an interest in fine art, primarily on discs but also on DVD. The name "Optical Sound" is a direct reference to cinema, as it means the audio strip found on most types of film. This is a way of highlighting the mental images generated by sound. Optical Sound has around 60 releases to its name already.

Optical Sound videos presented in the exhibition

Awan~Siguawini~~Spemki~~~ de Pierre Beloüin et V/A, Docu-fiction, 2009 / 60'

Gelatinosa Substancia de Norscq, 2010

Temps fixe, Skrone, Neon 9 et Public anémie de Servovalve, 2007

The last encounter de Mirka Lugosi, 2010

Cultures-Paysages de Laetitia Bourget, 2003

Negativ nein de Philippe Prouff, 2009

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