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"Utopies d'enfance" Isabelle & Woudi Tat

Interactive installation – all audiences
Cube Focus “Regards d’Enfance” / Free access

From Wednesday 01 December 10
To Saturday 04 December 10
Fee: Free access

The subject of the Utopies d’enfance (childhood utopias) installation is time: past times, times gone by, times to come and present times. Through adults answering the question “what was your dream as a child?”, the installation takes spectators back to their own childhood and the feelings of nostalgia attached to it, to the emotions linked to a dream that is often forgotten and does not correspond to the spectator’s actual life. This shows them the ground that has been covered since then. And, through these stories, they may find an echo of their own or their loved ones’ story.   
The relationship between spectators and the installation is based on their use of space and time, and their behaviour within the space where images and sounds are broadcast.
The device facilitates personal relationships for the visitors that echo their own memories.


Contact for school groups and recreation centres: +33 1 58 88 3000

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