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Connect Our Schools

Since 2007, Le Cube has established a “Connect Our Schools” digital education programme within several schools in the Urban Community of South West Paris.

Each year, Le Cube offers students and teachers a digital collaborative project combining digital new uses and practices, educational goals and territorial issues with projects that have include the Internet of Things, collaborative sites, robotics, “serious game”, augmented reality and digital publishing.

Cultural heritage in the era of digital publishing
For the year 2012-13, Le Cube has conceived a project called “Carnets d’Art”, a new project on the theme of cultural heritage in the era of digital publishing and collaborative projects, in partnership with the National Museums – Grand Palais.

With this innovative digital education project, students and teachers have carried out collaborative biographies of a new kind: a pictorial collections of digital books. Each class has designed and written a digital biography of an iconic artist of the heritage of his city.

Artists selected for the books were all involved at some point in their lives in the Impressionist movement, the artistic and historical thread of the territorial project. Five schools in the cities of Chaville, Issy les Moulineaux, Meudon, Vanves and Ville d’Avray have been involved in this digital education project amongst the urban community of Grand Paris Seine Ouest.

These biographical books made by students and their teachers together included texts written by children, archival paper, web documents, recording of key witnesses, photos and videos taken on emblematic places of the lives of artists. During the sessions, they were required to interact with different cultural actors, including curators and art historians of NMR Grand Palais, a project partner.

Collaboration between classes, collaboration between apps
Addressing several educational fields (written production, creating pictorial art history and digital publishing), students are both actors and transmitters of their learning through the implementation of a project team, built collaboratively with other classes and made available to all via digital networks.

We used Paper 53 app for all the pictures drawn by the kids to have graphic unity for the whole project. We used Book Creator app to build the digital books, each of the 5 books includes at least 60 pages.

We used Sensu Brush to add an innovative object to the drawing part, making kids feel in the way artist who think when using new ways of creation.

The project was driven by our team, and more than 150 pupils of the 5 cities worked on it.

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