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Launch night for Florent Aziosmanoff’s book, “Living art” (published by CNRS

Special Guest: Philippe Lefait
Launch night for Florent Aziosmanoff’s book, “Living art” (published by CNRS)
Special Guest: Philippe Lefait

Thursday 18 February 10
8 PM
Fee: Free
Audience: All public

From the start, digital creation has been in a permanent state of revolution: interactive multimedia, CGI, Internet, virtual reality, blogosphere, web 2.0, video games, community web portals, serious or casual games, smart phone, geolocation and augmented reality, Internet of Things, 3D web and web squared. In the past twenty years, each new development follows on from the last every few months, sweeping aside the past and radically shifting our future.
Florent Aziosmanoff, who is one of the founding members of ART3000 and Le Cube’s Creative Director, has been deeply committed to working on these issues since their emergence in the field of the arts. A keen observer of the international digital arts scene, familiar with major university laboratories such as the Media Lab in Boston, he has – amongst other things – founded and run for ten years the magazine NOV’ART.

In his book, he brings all these strands together, thus providing an insight into a field of the arts that is truly specific to the digital medium, as well as an overview of digital arts. Based on artificial intelligence and life, this form of expression, called “Living Art“ – art that “lives” but also needs to be “lived”, that is to say experienced – places the artist’s discourse in the context of an intimate and personal day-to-day relationship between the work and its audience.

“Living Art” works, produced in the context of Le Cube’s Creation Workshop, will be on display during the launch night.

To celebrate the launch of the “Living Art” book, published by the CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research), Le Cube is inviting Philippe Lefait, who works as a journalist for the France 2 TV channel, where he is in charge of “Des mots de minuit”, a weekly cultural programme. He also works for Magazine Littéraire and France Culture.


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