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"Les maîtres invisibles" Rachid Koraïchi

Living art - Digital behavioural installation


Les Maîtres invisibles is a digital behavioural installation. It comes in the shape of a large white screen at the centre of which a group of figures in prayer moves between vegetal images. The figures are calligraphic characters, representing prophets of the major monotheistic religions.

If a spectator approaches the screen, one of the figures leaves the group and moves towards the spectator, in the foreground, surrounded by a swarm of symbols stemming from Rachid Koraïchi’s iconography. The figure’s shadow then extends towards the visitor, following his movements as long as the spectator looks at the character. If several spectators move closer to the screen, the same number of figures will come towards them.

With Les Maîtres invisibles, Rachid Koraïchi continues his work on black signs and symbols against a white background, providing them here with autonomous behaviour. The relationship developing between the installation and spectators shows the latter how important their visit is, and how attentive the installation is to the quality of the spectators’ presence as far as their relationship is concerned.

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