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"En corps à corps" Indira Tatiana Cruz

Living-art - Interactive and behavioural video installation


En corps à corps is an interactive and behavioural video installation. Two feminine bodies play with veils in the water, seeking each other, caressing each other or drifting away, according to the spectators’ movements in front of the screen. The video unfolds indefinitely, reproducing – via the theme sequence of the film – the state of the relationship between the spectators and the projected images. Indira Cruz is here questioning relationships with others through a study on seduction, on how people deal with their own bodies, distance and intimacy.

The spectators influence the projected video via their position in front of the screen. It works in three stages. 1st stage: spectators enter. They see images of veils moving in the water and close-up details of a body. 2nd stage: as spectators come closer to the screen, the images change. As they reach the centre of the projection area, the film shows two feminine bodies caressing each other. 3rd stage: if spectators decide to move closer to the screen, they enter an area in which images become blurred or indecipherable.
The installation is thus a representation and exploration of relationships with others, in which physical commitment plays a central part. From non-commitment to commitment, and to fusion, spectators are able to explore the symbolic space of the film’s discourse while strolling about the physical space in which it is shown.

Specification sheets and presentation:
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