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Florent Aziosmanoff


Birth Year 1957
Country France
place Paris

Florent Aziosmanoff, a qualified social psychologist specialised in cognitive ergonomics, worked as a video director for several years. Since 1988, he has dedicated himself to the creation and management of ART3000 and of the NOV’ART magazine, organised many events, exhibitions and symposia, including the General Assembly on Interactive Writing. As Le Cube’s Creative Director, in charge of artist residencies, he created the 1ER CONTACT FESTIVAL, which he presided in 2002 and 2005.
He has now been active for several years in the field of digital creation: he has worked on the Léopold Sédar Senghor CD-ROM (1998), the interactive fiction Ludrick et Clarisse (2000), the real-time application La route de la soie (2001), the fiction for three autonomous robots Le petit chaperon rouge (2002) and the fiction for real-time systems Le temps de l’amour (underway).

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