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"Histoire naturelle" Carton park

Audiovisual performance – all audiences – from the age of 5
Cube Focus “Regards d’Enfance” / Free access

Wednesday 15 December 10
Fee: Free access

Each year, Le Cube celebrates the end of the year with a warm and family-friendly gathering around an artistic event aimed at children and adults. This year, the artists featured are Carton Park and their new creation, “Histoire Naturelle” (natural history). Accessible from a very young age, it associates the graphic world of Guillaumit with the sonic finds of Gangpol, Mami Chan and Norman Bambi, while also combining live projections, sound mixes and motion capture. 
“Histoire Naturelle” tells the story of a character who, one day, wakes up amnesic, in an empty space bereft of any kind of human presence. But this unknown person’s adventure will eventually reveal itself to be full of surprising musical encounters.

The Carton Park team is made up of two duos, Juicy Panic and Gangpol & Mit, who share similar aesthetics, mixing pop and electronica, music and graphic design. Renowned for their melodic, visual, playful and unique visions, they strive to create a show for younger audiences based on electro-hybrid, funny and off-kilter music.

Light control: Sébastien Thomas / Sound control: Olivier Lecce
Production: L’Armada Productions / Co-productions - residencies: Arcadi, SMAC, Antipode in Rennes, Le Cube, le CREA/festival, Momix at Kingersheim, Centre des Arts in Enghien les Bains / Supported by: Brittany Regional Council, DRAC Bretagne

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