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"Les Rendez-vous du futur" Bernard Werber

Meeting at Le Cube and broadcast live on the Internet, followed by an online chat

Wednesday 17 November 10
7.30pm to 8.30pm
Fee: Free access

After studying Law and Criminology in Toulouse, Bernard Werber attended ESJ Paris (National School of Journalism). He started out as a freelance journalist (L'Evénement, Le Point, VSD), and went on to write articles on science for the Nouvel Observateur, where he stayed for seven years. Investigating driver ants inspired him his first novel, “The Ants”, which became a bestseller as soon as it was published, in 1991, in France and everywhere in the world, especially Korea and Russia. This success increased with every new book published (about twenty: novels, short stories, plays, etc.). Bernard Werber’s books have been translated into about thirty languages and have sold millions of copies.

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