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"Même pas morte" : Mabel octobre company

Interactive play and puppet
Cube Focus “Regards d’Enfance” / Free access / All audiences

Sunday 07 November 10
Fee: Free access

“Même Pas Morte” (not even dead) is a show mixing the performing arts and digital technology (video, computer-assisted 2D animation, 3D animation, special effects, programming, video games). It features a virtual puppet called Vesna, a 3D animated character, projected as a video and manipulated live. This character converses with the audience and with real actors against a virtual background.

Vesna is a refugee child from a country at war who lives with a foster family in a Western country. During the war, Vesna has developed habits that are difficult to shake off: she disappears in her dreams. In their big flat, her foster parents try to teach her to live a normal life again and to forget about war…

At the same time, from 3pm to 5pm: children’s workshop followed by snacks and drinks, free for all.

Saturday 6 November 2pm-5pm
Adults (all levels) / 8 Euros or free with the Cube Pass

Under the supervision of stage director Judith Depaule and her technical coordinator Thomas Pachoud, this workshop allows you to become actors or stage managers. Manipulate in real time the virtual puppet that plays Vesna and interact with the background. 

Registration: +33 1 58 88 3000


Launched as an association in 2001, Mabel Octobre is a collective that brings together multidisciplinary artists aiming to create theatrical and dance performances, concerts, films and installations. The works of Mabel Octobre explore zones of non-existence. They involve memory and rehabilitation work (historical investigations, media research), mix various disciplines and attach great importance to digital development, technological innovation and contemporary writing.

Concept, staging and puppet control: Judith Depaule / With Fabien Audusseau, Charlotte Ramond, Nadia Ratsimandresy and Vesna (virtual puppet) / Music: Nadia Ratsimandresy Lighting: Loïc Savina, Maika Knoblich / Costumes: Misa Ishibashi / Technical coordination, programming, real-time video control: Thomas Pachoud / Production: Mabel Octobre (Company supported by the DRAC and the Ile-de-France region) / Co-production: Arcadi; Saint Quentin theatre (State-supported theatre); Confluences / With the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Communication - DICREAM / With the support of the Yvelines General Council and the Fund for the Insertion of Young Drama Artists, D.R.A.C. and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region / With the help of Spédidam and the Fund for the Development of Comtemporary Theatrical Creation.

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