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Screening marathon / Ars Electronica animation festival

Video screening - Ars electronica animation festival

From Saturday 09 June 12
To Sunday 10 June 12
5 pm - 7 am
Fee: Free entry with reservation
Audience: All public

This is a first for Le Cube: a whole night of screenings, meaning nearly 12 hours of the best current digital films selected by the prestigious international festival, Ars Electronica.

To help you make it through this marathon video night, Le Cube is rearranging its spaces with help from its partner, Fatboy*, offering hot drinks and snacks, and, for the hardiest, breakfast will be served at 7am. Don't forget to bring whatever you need in preparation for your arty night: sleeping bags or blankets, comfy pillows, cuddly toys, sandwiches and energy drinks etc.

On the programme for this night of digital art, you will find films based around various themes such as parallel worlds, dark stories, narration, digital “bestiary", short cut, Chaos (both personal and on a world scale), "visuals & sounds & music" (films where visuals and sounds combine and fuse) and transformations (perceptions of internal and external worlds where construction and destruction are essential parameters). This schedule is rounded off by a Japan Media Art Festival programme, as well as films from among those selected by Young Animation U19.

Duration: 12 hours

Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011
Curated by Christine Schöpf and Jürgen Hagler

*Fatboy® is a whole family with all its eccentricities and individual characters. Because of their close contact with each other, the Fatboy® family shares some character traits. They all combine strong personalities with big hearts. All of them are extremely funny, modest and true live wires. www.fatboy.com


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