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Around The Island / Guillaume Marmin

Interactive and content-generating exhibit

From Tuesday 25 October 11
To Saturday 29 October 11
Fee: free entry
Audience: All public

Around the Island is an interactive, content-generating exhibit for exploring the links between images and sounds. A spare and sober space serves as the background for a video-mapping projection accompanied by a sound recording. This reconstructed environment changes of its own accord but also takes into account the presence and movement of visitors when transforming its landscapes.

Around the Island is created from sound flows and natural scenes filmed on the Island of Taiwan, where the project debuted at the Digital Art Festival of Taipei. These recordings have been transformed, warped and digitally compressed until nothing is left but their cinematic and rhythmic properties. These visual and audio sequences transform themselves progressively into landscapes of dilapidated pixels.

While the ambivalent relationship between nature and digital culture has an important place in this work, more thought is put into the ‘idea of nature’ and the current transformation of this concept from the point of view of environmentalists, rather than our ecological concerns.

Free entry to the exhibition during regular Le Cube opening hours

On Thursday 27 October at 8:30 pm, enjoy the audiovisual performance by Guillaume Marmin and Seijiro Murayama at the Around the Island exhibit!

Design and production: Guillaume Marmin / Musical creation: Philippe Gordiani and Yi Ping Yang / Architect: Gérald Lafond / Coproduction: YAM, Grame, Digital Art Center Taipei, Le Cube / With the support of the National Opera of Lyon and AVI Audiovisual




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