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Cube review #2: Utopia

Creation and digital society

Tuesday 27 March 12
Audience: All public


Following on from the first issue dedicated to the theme of empathy (available online at www.cuberevue.com), this time the Cube Review’s focus is on Utopia.

Even though the Homo Urbanus civilisation must confront large scale crises (economy, environment, climate, health, demographics etc), could the combining of physical space and the virtual sphere help us rethink the world in order to go beyond our horizons and spark the emergence of new "Utopian societies"? Who will be the new architects of the global village?

Go to www.cuberevue.com, discover our guests' views and comment on the articles!

Note: Tuesday 3 April at 8.30pm, come to an interactive debate on Utopia at Le Cube or follow it live online.


In this digital era, the world is being reshaped by movement, interaction and expansion. Because of this, the Cube Review wants to bring together viewpoints from medical professionals, artists, important figures and experts from all different fields. Each edition will focus on a theme which reflects emerging trends. Articles, opinion pieces, video interviews, debates, sound and visual prints... There is a place for all forms of expression in the Cube Review.



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