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Light bringers / Ben Sheppee

Conference with Ben Sheppee

Tuesday 06 March 12
8.30 pm
Audience: All public


This conference retraces the history of audio-visual art, from lighting consoles to theatrical installations using the pepper ghost technique (an illusionary technique used in theatre and some magic tricks which gives the impression that objects appear, disappear, are transparent or morph into something else). With his interest in the most up-to-date stage practices, Ben Sheppee closely studies the recent evolution of visual industries and their oscillation between business interest and creativity.

Ben Sheppee will revisit several projects he has managed, closely studying set and installation constructions which, beyond the visible parts, reveal the true issues of set design and visual concepts.

Known under his alias Lightrhythm Visuals, Ben Sheppee is a visual artist who has produced VJing content and organised events and screenings all over the world. The author of several works dedicated to VJing and visual arts, he is currently evolving his work as a visual stage director.



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