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Living Art Lab

The Living Art Lab activity unites various research or training seminars around the theme of living art*. Living art is a form of expression specific to the digital medium.ARCANE also facilitates, via training initiatives and artist workshops, exchanges of experiences and forward-looking roundtables. The initiatives range from introductory sessions to comprehensive seminars, such as “les États Généraux de l’Écriture Interactive” (the General Assembly on Interactive Writing).


*This term is proposed by Florent Aziosmanoff, and is notably presented in his book "Living Art" published by CNRS in January 2010.

This form of expression has enabled the emergence of a new expression discipline, one specific to the digital medium. It has also grown in all the other expression and communication domains: games and entertainment, information, education, industrial visualisation, various services etc.

Research activities aim to contribute to the emergence of a universal, defined language to enable "living-type" artistic work to be understood, described and analysed, as well as all other creative forms using the same medium (design, architecture, communication, services, teaching, entertainment etc).

In fact, even though language often starts and develops in the area of artistic expression, its strength is based on the universal nature of its use in other related areas. This is the case with cinematographic language, for example, which is used in fiction as well as documentaries, news, advertisements and even training.

Research activities combine various seminars, bringing together practitioners and researchers. These seminars will be transcribed and published on the Cube's website so everyone can have access to their starting material. Participants may use this text in their own work or publications, as well as anyone consulting the text, subject to them citing the full source: seminar and speaker. This makes it a "shared pool" which anyone can dip into to further develop their own thinking or top up with their own contributions.

Research activities are carried out hand in hand with the Cube Creation Workshop which provides them with raw material for analysis and in return they provide it with their conceptual advances. They also work concurrently with the living art training programme which benefits from their comments and conclusions. An international lecture will also periodically give cadence to their work.

The training itself will be in the form of an introduction to living art seminar. Biannual and lasting six days, this seminar is open to artists wanting to commit to the living art field as well as professionals working with the artists (producers, broadcasters, critics etc).


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