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"Living art" Seminar

Seminar / 60 euros for the series of 6 sessions* / Booking on 01 58 88 30 17

From Monday 21 May 12
To Tuesday 22 May 12
From Wednesday 30 May 12
To Thursday 31 May 12
From Monday 04 June 12
To Tuesday 05 June 12
9.30 am - 5 pm
Audience: All public

One unique feature of using the digital medium as a means for expression resides in its capacity to produce systems with "autonomous players", each with its own complex behaviour, maintaining a relationship attuned to the audience. Within real-time systems, this sort of creation uses "initiative-taking" techniques, artificial intelligence, artificial life, learning technologies, generators, analysis engines and more. In practical terms, this consists of using technology mainly applied to the realm of video games, but applying them instead to artistic creations in order to create Living Art works.

The aim of this seminar is to help artists commit to the realm of digital creation, and to design and steer a project in this field. The speakers are among the top specialists in digital art in France. This seminar is open to artists and graduates of fine arts and art history, as well as professionals dealing with artistic and cultural initiatives.

For a detailed seminar programme, phone 01 58 88 3017
*Registration for the series of 6 sessions, lunch included.

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