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NDZ#2 / Laurent Dailleau

Musical performance

Sunday 13 May 12
3 pm
Audience: All public

Apart from the theremin (one of the oldest electronic musical instruments, invented in 1919, whose distinctive feature is that it produces music without being touched), for several years Laurent Dailleau has also played another instrument: the Serge Modular Music System. It is an analogue synthesiser developed in the 1970s at the California Institute of the Arts by composer Serge Tcherepnin. This instrument was not designed to mimic acoustic instruments - nor does it have a keyboard – as its whole purpose was to produce music which could claim to be purely electronic. Whereas the majority of analogue synthesisers (despite them regaining popularity today) did not survive the advent of digital technology, Serge's instruments are still produced. This concert will be a rare occasion to hear this instrument and its distinctive organic sound.

A composer, thereminist, exhibition organiser, and dedicatee for numerous pieces for the theremin, Laurent Dailleau has also composed stage music for theatre and dance since 1982. Both in a group and solo, he takes part in numerous musical projects incorporating a theremin, records albums and appears regularly on stage in France and abroad.


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