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Neuroplanets / Novi_Sad

Audio-visual performance

Thursday 19 April 12
8.30 pm
Fee: Free with the Cube Pass / 5€
Audience: All public

Neuroplanets is a project which explores the aesthetics of information recreated in sound. Novi_Sad commissioned artists including BJ Nilsen, Daniel Menche, Francisco Lopez and Mika Vainio to create musical compositions which included the results of sound analysis resulting from extremely rare extra-terrestrial phenomena. He then manipulated these compositions by applying data from neuroscientific research on serious illnesses. His aim was, through sound, to "visualise" the illnesses' characteristics and their impact on human nature.

He used methods based on signal processing, statistical analysis, information theory, and machine learning and recognition techniques, as well as those based on a knowledge of auditory perception and sound production via acoustic systems.

Contemporary neuroscience suggests the existence of fundamental algorithms through which all sensory transductions - the transformation of one form of energy from a stimulus into electric energy by a receiving cell - are converted into a neurological code. Neuroplanets' main aim is to directly stimulate these codes which enter the field of humans’ audible perception.

Born in 1980, Novi_Sad is a self-taught artist living in Athens. His work is mainly with sound, and has been exhibited in numerous cultural centres and festivals the world over.

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