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Et si la nuit…

"Et si la nuit… invitation à la rêverie" Exhibition on the interactive album of Adèle Pedrola and Douglace. Opening : Saturday, September 24 from 2pm to 10pm.

From Saturday 24 September 16
To Saturday 05 November 16
Fee: free entry
Audience: All public

Originally, Et si la nuit… was an early digital album by Adèle Pedrola and Douglace published by L’Apprimerie, based on a unique but constantly renewed interactive principle: the bridge-word. When you click on this word, highlighted in the text, the story shifts from the real to the imaginary version.


et si la nuit / Adele Pedrola - Douglace / exposition au cube centre de création numerique

The exhibition Et si la nuit… Invitation à la rêverie interactive presents ten printed illustrations taken from the interactive e-book. Using the touch tablets provided, curious visitors can venture into the dream version of the story. The visit becomes an evening promenade:  a poetic journey through physical and digital worlds that echo and enrich each other.

Special workshops based on the exhibition are available for younger audiences.

www.lapprimerie.com / cartealire.com

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