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eVanescens / Todor Todoroff and Laura Colmenares Guerra

Audiovisual performance

Thursday 11 October 12
8.30 pm
Fee: Free with the Cube Pass / 5€
Audience: All public

eVanescens is an interactive audio-visual performance, travelling through various states, to the ever-shifting border between the real world and a constantly reinvented dream-like universe.

At the frontier of acoustic sound and its multitude of transformations, the music dialogues with the video image, between dream and reality, playing with perceptions. The performers use various sensor types, in an expressive and organic way, to create the acoustic, electro-acoustic and video parts live, placing this action at the heart of the performance. Sigrid Vandenbogaerde's playing of the cello is therefore boosted by sensors and software which enables her to ramp up the instrument's acoustic sound and influence the video.

eVanescens draws the audience into an uncertain world, one between worrying strangeness and a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

Todor Todoroff: sound interactions, composition and sensors
Laura Colmenares Guerra: video interaction and production
Sigrid Vandenbogaerde: cello 
Marc Lhommel: lighting
Anne Guilleray: set design and costumes
Yacine Sebti: video software programming
Lise Vachon, Marcela Ruiz Quintero: dance


With support from: Cellule Arts Numériques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, ARTeM, UMons / Institut Numediart, Le Manège.Mons / TRANSDIGITAL, Le Manège.Maubeuge - Scène Nationale, La Gare Numérique Thanks to : Musiques Nouvelles, Transcultures, Technocité, iMal

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