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Lin Hsin Hsin / When Equations Dance – TANGO

Lecture + performance A/V

Thursday 28 May 15
8.30 p.m.

The Singaporean artist Lin Hsin Hsin is presenting a preview at Le Cube of her performance When Equations Dance –TANGO : an occasion to look back over the prolific career of the visionary technophile artist.

The performance will be preceded by the lecture "From Finger Gesture to Finger Choreography : Enabling 3D Live Performances on Smartphones".

When Equations Dance –TANGO is a project containing a dozen 30-second pieces inviting viewers to a journey through 3D image equations and music generated by the artist Hsin Hsin, who choreographs them in real time via her phone.

While this digital choreography takes shape on the screen, viewers see spinning, twirling images. Whether these consist of the silvery weaving of floating Adagios into a monotonous melody or arabesques in movement, nothing is accidental and everything is the result of orchestration via a mobile phone. Lin Hsin Hsin had predicted this style of mobile life in her painting Voices of the Future in 1994, and her poem Mobility in 1999.

Lin Hsin Hsin
IT inventor, artist, poet, composer.

Lin Hsin Hsin writes and constructs her own vision of technology through her programming, and with poems and musical compositions. Mixing mathematics, technology, art and music, she is as much a geek as a poet and composer. A pioneer in numerous fields, she created in 1994 the first ever virtual museum. She has used equations to create and animate sculptures, objects and jewellery produced in 3D (2007). She has invented composition and the music recital without instruments (i-musica, MIME, 2007) and painting with a camera, without computer assistance (ICP, 2010) and developed stereoscopic art requiring neither 3D glasses nor equipment (2011). In 2012, she created a symphony for telephone and in 2013 the first equation choreography application on a smartphone.

Hsin Hsin is one of the most influential "cyber-personalities" according to several rankings (24 hours in cyberspace, Millennium edition of the international UNESCO museum, BBC, Millennium edition of the CeBit by Wirtschaft Woche, etc.). She has written 65 books and numerous academic publications that have appeared in high-profile reviews or been presented during conferences.


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