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Metabody Forum

Artistic seminar + workshops + performances

From Tuesday 06 October 15
To Friday 09 October 15

A cultural project running over several years (2013-2018) supported by the European Commission, "Metabody" brings together 28 partners from 16 countries, coordinated by Reverso (Spain). "Metabody" seeks to establish a critical stance towards the information society's tendency to make culture homogeneous, and proposes developing new technologies that would highlight differences in expression and communication by creating laboratories of multi-sensorial interaction on perception and movement. These results will be integrated into an experimental interactive/intra-active architectural structure (the MetaLab), giving substance to a social network proposing performances, installations, workshops, seminars, residencies and continuous research, before going on tour to nine European cities.

© Jamie de Val

Le Cube is particularly proud to be hosting "Metabody" for an exceptional week, where the public are invited to discover this project through workshops, round tables, lectures, performances and demos. The coordinators of "Metabody", who come from Spain, Netherlands and France, will present the project in terms of its philosophical, artistic and technological aspects. They will reveal some completely new prototypes currently being developed, together with performances and a number of surprises. They will also propose a debate on questions of hyper-control, the comprehensive formatting of bodies and minds, and Big Data Brother.

Tuesday 6 to Friday 9 October, 6.00 -10.00 p.m. (provisional times): workshops, round tables, performances, etc.

Audience: professionals and students in art, science and culture.

With: Jaime de Val (Asociación Transdisciplinar Reverso, Spain), Jean-Marc Matos (K. Danse, France), Marije Baalman (Steim, Netherlands), Dr.Nimish Biloria (Hyperbody Research group, Netherlands), Infomus (University of Genoa, Italy), DAP_Lab (Brunel University, UK), Palindrome (Germany), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain), Instituto STOCOS (Spain).

Programme shortly online on the Le Cube site and metabody.eu

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