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Nostalgia for reality / Hugo Arcier

Videos, installation, 3D sculptures and prints
Vernissage evening : Thursday 7 February from 7pm

From Friday 08 February 13
To Saturday 27 July 13
Free entry during Le Cube opening hours

Le Cube presents Hugo Arcier's first solo exhibition with a selection of films, 3D sculptures and prints. He has already attracted notice as an artist on the digital scene and, in this exhibition, Hugo Arcier develops a scenario that leads the viewers to reflect on and question reality using universal and metaphysical themes such as life, death, passing time and more.

Hugo Arcier's works call on a common memory: are we confronted with an altered memory of the reality, or is it the reality itself that is distorted in the end? The work eventually frees itself from the model and gains life-like characteristics: dreams, faults, degeneration, avidity and impulsion. The artist both imitates and separates. He methodically searches what his work tool (3D computer graphics) can do and exploits its characteristics. Hence, the tool itself becomes the subject.  This now-visible technology gives the work a sharp look.

Hovering between memory and aspiration, lurking deep within technology, nostalgia is found both in similarities and differences, and equally in search and loss. His search dissects virtual image technology in order to reflect on 3D worlds that clash together, have confrontations and tame each other within the confines of a changing reality.

Hugo Arcier is a French artist who uses 3D computer graphics in various forms : video, print and sculptures.
Trained in 3D infographics at Supinfocom, he graduated from there in 2001 with a digital director diploma. He then devoted himself to special effects for feature films and worked on numerous projects for renowned directors such as Roman Polanski, Alain Resnais, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and even François Ozon. This professional work helped him gain in-depth knowledge of the digital tools, and in particular 3D computer graphics. All this was necessary for turning his projects into reality.
Alongside his commercial work, he also developed artworks that meticulously dissect the specificities of this new medium, 3D. He tackled design using 3D printing and has created innovative objects (generative design from connected applications, industrial furniture hacking, etc.). His work is exhibited around the world at festivals (Némo, Darklight, Bitfilms, etc.), galleries (Magda Danysz, ADN, Celal, etc.), art locations (New Museum, Okayama Art Center, etc.) and contemporary art fairs (Slick, Show Off).


Exhibition production and design: Le Cube
Graphic design: Hugo Arcier
With support from Mocaplab - www.mocaplab.com

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