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"Collido_scope" Joseph Rabie



The Collido_scope project is part of the Landscopes series of interactive photographs, which Joseph Rabie has worked on since 1999.
Collido_scope comes in the shape of a photograph showing 5 different views of the Issy-les-Moulineaux town centre, the area just next to the town hall. The views are quite general, showing the street, the local shop, crossroads or a café, but also passers-by. They consequently form an image of the town’s identity and of its inhabitants.

The photographs themselves are constantly evolving as the shape formed by the characters they show changes. The installation is sensitive to its sound environment and in particular to salient sound events. With each event, a change in composition is triggered and a character is added to or taken out of the photograph. Far more than a mere picture of the location, it frames the continuous comings and goings of the town’s inhabitants or visitors. Consequently, the work generates a visual poem that is continuously re-written, thanks to an infinite variety of juxtapositions and collages.

As the installation was first shown at the 2002 edition of the 1ER CONTACT FESTIVAL, it was displayed next to traffic lights in a very busy street. The various sound events – engines, horns and cries – gave rhythm to the changes in the photograph, reflecting the life dynamics of the town in which it was located.

Specification sheets and presentation:
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