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"La vie en rose" Caroline Coppey

Living-art - Behavioural installation


In the La vie en rose installation, an astral disc appears against a dark background and its shape steadily changes. Its colour and texture are continuously modified according to time and weather. The colour is cold when the temperature is high and warm when it is low; the texture is rough when the weather is mild and smooth when it is fierce; the tones are light in dim light or at night, and dark when the light is strong. When a spectator approaches, the discourse of the installation goes into overdrive, reacting to the present moment but also showing a preview of what the weather will be within the next hours.
The installation thus establishes a relationship between spectators and the cosmos. According to its initiator, Catherine Coppey, because the installation contradicts the present moment, it fosters a relationship that “comforts” the spectators, fulfilling the role an artwork should play in relation to the public.

Specification sheets and presentation:
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