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"Move don't move" Carol-Ann Braun

Behavioural interractive installation


The Move/don’t move installation shows an abstract image that is constantly reconstructing itself. The image results from assembled pictorial material that is torn and reconstituted via successive collages, onto which a black and white orthogonal grid is traced and set in motion. The installation is sensitive to viewers looking at it and moving closer. If spectators become deeply engaged in its contemplation, the image will slowly stabilise and the black and white moving grid will eventually disappear: the work loses its control over the pictorial material reconstruction process.

Move/don’t move
reflects Carol-Ann Braun’s 70s pictorial aesthetics, in the light of digital technology. This makes it possible to question the spectators on the value of their visual perception in terms of their relationship to a “picture”. Spectators adopting a contemplative attitude and becoming engaged with the picture are able to access the deeper and more straightforward levels of the work’s discourse, which spectators only looking at it in a superficial way will not be able to access.

Specification sheets and presentation:
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