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Regreb & Ogrob evening


Thursday 24 May 12
8.30 pm
Fee: Free with the Cube Pass / 5€
Audience: All public

This 100% analogue and acoustic evening is devoted to the French duo Regreb & Ogrob, with three solo or duo performances.

Perversion de l’Effet Corona by Regreb & Ogrob
This performance explores distortions and controls in magnetic fields and in electricity, amplifying and redirecting a childish electric play thing: the plasma globe.  (duration 45 min)

Deux Cymbales by Regreb

Deux Cymbales is a study of acoustic and hypnotic effects achieved by maintaining resonances and vibrations. Two cymbals are played with percussion mallets and their sound amplified using two microphone sensors. (duration 25 min)

Psylle by Ogrob
This performance is a composition using three electric guitars placed on the ground. The 18 strings are kept vibrating with the aid of a propeller motor, creating a droning base constantly interrupted by subtle electronic effects. (duration 30 min)


Regreb & Ogrob, aka Laurent Berger and Sébastien Borgo, are, along with Remy Bux, the founding members of experimental post-punk trio Sun Plexus (1993-2010). Currently, in addition to their solo work, they are also members of various collective projects: Burstscratch, Foi Pour Pusillanime, L'Autopsie A Révélé Que La Mort Etait Due A L'Autopsie...



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