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Rendez-vous du futur / Étienne Klein

Interactive show with a live audience at Le Cube and streaming live via Internet

Thursday 07 June 12
7.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Audience: All public

The guest for this new edition of Rendez-vous du Futur is physicist and Doctor of the Philosophy of Science, Etienne Klein.

A physicist at CEA (atomic energy commission), Etienne Klein has held the post of Director at LARSIM (a laboratory researching the science of matter) since 2007. He has taken part in various large projects, in particular reviewing the process of isotope separation using laser, and studying an accelerator with superconducting cavities. At CERN, he took part in the design of the large European particle accelerator, the LHC2. For several years, he also taught quantum physics and particle physics at Ecole Centrale de Paris, and is a Professor of the Philosophy of Science. He is an expert in the question of time in physics, and the author of numerous popular works including L'Atome au Pied du Mur et Autres Nouvelles (prize for the best scientific literature book in 2000) and more recently Le Small Bang des Nanotechnologies (2011). Furthermore, he is a member of the Conseil d'Analyse de la Société and of the Conseil Scientifique for OPECST (parliamentary office for evaluating scientific and technological options). He is also a member of the advisory council for the Diderot Institute.

Take part! Comment on the debate and put your questions to Etienne Klein by following the live audience show at Le Cube or online at www.rendezvousdufutur.com and www.lecube.com.

A farsighted interactive TV show

Launched in May 2010 by Le Cube and Triple C, Rendez-vous du Futur is an interactive TV show filmed in front of a live audience and broadcast live over the internet. The show invites people who are recognised in their field (art, science, economics, sociology etc) to discuss their long-term vision for the world. At any time, both before and during the show, the general public and internet users may comment and put questions to the guests.
Presented by Eloi Choplin, Rendez-vous du Futur discussions are led by Nils Aziosmanoff, President of Le Cube, and Salomé Kiner, journalist and editorial manager for nabbu.com, and feature spots by Alexis Botaya, editor in chief at Soon soon soon. Rendez-vous du Futur is organised by Le Cube and Triple C, in partnership with JD2, 1R2tchat, and in media partnership with Nabbu.com, soonsoonsoon.com and Arte Creative.

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