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The ebb and flow of the signal

Steina & Woody Vasulka and SLIDERS_lab's exhibition
Opening : Saturday, September 24 from 2pm to 10pm.

From Saturday 24 September 16
To Friday 23 December 16
Fee: free entry

There are works that foster new interpretations of the present more than others. This is the case with those of the Vasulkas, which they began in New York during the late Sixties. From the outset, their preferred material was the electrical signal, which enabled them to study the nature and forming of electronic images and sound through films, installations and interactive performances.

Steina et Woody Vasulka, Noisefields, 1974. Color, sound, 7’07. © The Vasulkas

This is what is reflected in the works exhibited at Le Cube, which include films like Electromagnetic Objects, Noisefield, Soundsize and Variations, and the magnificent photographs of the Lucifer’s Commission Series and Time/Energy Objects Series, presented for the first time in France.

Lucifer's Commission Wasulka - exposition Le Cube, centre de creation numerique
Woody Vasulka, Lucifer’s Commission Serie, 1985-2015. 125 x 100 cm. © The Vasulkas & Fondation Liedts-Meesen

This pioneering work in video art is now being extended in the joint work on the digital signal begun with the artists' collective SLIDERS_lab.
A software programme has been created collaboratively, thus enabling two generations of artists to share their experiences. The result is the two installations presented at Le Cube: Lucifer’s Commission and Digital Vocabulary.

vasulka, electromagnetic objects, exposition, le cube, centre de creation numerique
Woody Vasulka et Brian O’Reilly, Electromagnetic Objects, 1975-2006. Film N&B, sound, 33’58. © The Vasulkas & B. O’Reilly

This exhibition receives support from the ANR as part of the Future Investment programme (ANR-10-LABX-80-1) - Université Paris 8. The SLIDERS_lab [Fréderic Curien, Jean-Marie Dallet, Hervé Jolly] is a research and creation programme supported by the ÉESI.

partenaires exposition Flux et reflux du signal - le cube centre de creation numerique

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